Xpander receives a special 0.99% interest.

  • Choose to receive special interest 0.99% (1) or free 5-year maintenance package, maximum value 26,810 baht (2.1) and free 24-hour 5-year roadside assistance worth 8,950 baht (2.2).
    Receive free first class insurance for 1 year, maximum value 22,000 baht (3)
    5 (4) year quality guarantee plus 5 year long term labor wages (5)
    Mitsubishi family, receive an additional discount of 10,000 baht via M-Drive (6)
    For customers who book a Mitsubishi car Expander of any model from 1 March ’21 – 31 March ’21 and receive the vehicle within 30 April ’21.
    (1) Choose to receive a special 0.99% interest * when down payment starts at 25% of the car price. And installment payment for 48 installments (terms and details of hire purchase loans, please inquire at participating financial institutions) or
    * Hire purchase interest rate is a fixed annual interest rate. Which the real interest rate Please inquire more from the bank that provides the hire purchase loan.
    (2.1) 5 maintenance packages worth 26,810 baht according to the conditions specified in the car service book and vehicle manual (2.2) and free 24-hour roadside assistance 5 years worth 8,950 baht.
    (3) Receive free first-class insurance premium, Diamond Protection for a period of 1 year, maximum value 22,000 baht, the insurance conditions and sum assured are in accordance with the insurance policy set by the insurer. The terms of each policy will differ according to the value of the insured car.
    (4) Diamond Warranty for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first) .The warranty period for each type of parts and accessories may differ as stated in the service booklet and the service manual. Take a car Which is guaranteed by Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd., please study additional warranty details in the car manual. Customers are able to receive service at the Standard Service Center of an authorized Mitsubishi dealer only.
    (5) A list of free Czech wages for a period of 5 years or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), the maximum value is 7,650 baht.The wage rate is calculated based on the middle wage rate set by Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Company. ) Limited free service to only the distance check wages as specified in the free period check card in the service book and car manual. In which the customer’s vehicle will be inspected and maintained according to the specified items Customers are able to receive service at the Standard Service Center of an authorized Mitsubishi dealer only.
    (6) For owners of any Mitsubishi vehicle Just download the M-Drive application and register to receive a free e-Voucher worth 10,000 baht, 1 right per 1 engine number (Chassis) as a discount on the purchase of Mitsubishi vehicles. The aforementioned e-Voucher is non-transferable except for parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, spouses and children, who must provide evidence issued by a government agency to confirm the use of the discount.